Ukrainian Property Prices predicted in 2022

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, December 29, 2021
Ukrainian Property Prices predicted in 2022

What will happen to primary housing market prices in the next six month

Due to the pandemic, developers have suspended work on new housing, but demand has not dropped as expected. It had a significant impact on costs in 2021. And now, while the building companies are resuming work on houses that have only remained on paper, prices are also changing.

According to the State Statistics Service, almost 20 % more housing was built in 2021 than 2020. Only in the large city of central Ukraine, Dnipro, the city council approved 3 large-scale construction works for the following year. One of the projects will have 4 multi-storey buildings at once. But the fact mentioned above does not stop Ukrainians, and the need is still high. In this connection, experts forecast an increase of 5-8% of the total amount available today. Today in the capital of Ukraine, it is possible to buy:

  •       One-room apartments from $67.780;
  •       Two-room apartments for $114.827;
  •       Three-room apartments for $157.340;
  •       Four-bedroom apartments — $197.960;
  •       Five room apartments — $245.533;
  •       Studio apartments for $34.248.

It is worth noting that these are average prices in the property market.

At the moment, one-room and two-room apartments have lost value by 1-2%. Five-room flats have increased in price by 5%.

The total cost of purchasing apartments in new residential complexes in other cities of the country is $944 per m².

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