Ukrainian “Rozetka” in Uzbekistan

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, November 8, 2021
Ukrainian “Rozetka” in Uzbekistan

The online marketplace "Rozetka" entered the Uzbek market

The founder of Rozetka — Ukrainian Vladislav Chechetkin, created the company in 2005. In the beginning, Vladislav decided that Rozetka would sell electronics only.But now, users can buy almost everything on the website: cosmetics, jewelry, clothes, shoes, food, alcohol, books, sports, pharmacy, car accessories and baby products.

The Rozetka is called the Ukrainian Amazon. That's because users can find products from the online store itself and company partner's stores. 

The largest Ukrainian online retailer Rozetka has entered the Uzbek market, where it has its website, two delivery points and an operating office. 

In June 2021, it became known that Rozetka was going to enter the Uzbek market and had already registered its own and its trademark in the country. But then the company noted that the decision to open the Rosette in Uzbekistan had not been made yet.

So far, Rozetka works only in Tashkent (the capital of Uzbekistan), where the company has two points of delivery and free delivery of goods around the city. The website notes that the store delivers goods across Tashkent within 24 hours.

In contrast to the Ukrainian website, there are only a few categories like clothes, shoes, jewelry, alcoholic drinks, pet goods, and others. At the moment, residents of Uzbekistan have the opportunity to order only equipment. The company promises that soon it will become the same as in Ukraine.

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