Ukrainian Sappers in Service

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, March 26, 2022
Ukrainian Sappers in Service

Russia, shelling Ukraine with obsolete mines, left its undetonated weapons all over the country

Many of the bombs and rockets fired by the Russians on Ukrainian soil did not explode. Therefore, Ukrainian pyrotechnicians regularly clean up territories from shells that are potentially life-threatening for Ukrainians.

On March 25, a group of pyrotechnic works of the special force's detachment of the city of Bila Tserkva completed applications in the village of Mala Soltanovka, Fastovsky district, in the village of Pashkovka, Buchansky district, and in the city of Makarov.

During the work, one X-555 missile was seized, 9K51 ammunition from the BM-21 Grad system — 2 units, and a safe element 9K-723 of the Iskander missile — 1 unit.

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