Ukrainian “Space Hub” Team Visited the Congress of Astronautics in Dubai

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, February 7, 2022
 Ukrainian “Space Hub” Team Visited the Congress of Astronautics in Dubai

Engineers from the Dnipro will build a nuclear reactor for the operation of the rowers

Ukrainian countrymen presented only the idea of building a torpedo nuclear reactor for the operation of the planet travelers but returned with a large-scale project.

The International astronautics congress, which ended in late October 2021 in Dubai, made it clear that Ukrainian startups can compete and offer solutions for existing problems that gain the attention of modern society.

Maksym Tkachenko from Dnipro, the innovative incubator Space hub founder, said that this congress is already the second on his list. Earlier in 2018, he visited the congress in Washington.

At the congress, Maksym Tkachenko and his partners represented the nuclear reactor and its potential for space usage. The reactor itself was already built more than half a century ago and has already passed the test in space.

The advantages of such installations over the uranium ones are safer reaction and simplicity of design, which make it easier to operate in space. The peculiarity of such a project is the connection to the conditions on the Moon and the system of cooling in the vacuum. In this case, they use modern materials and have doubled the efficiency factor of the reactor in laboratory conditions.

They plan to create a Moon coworking for the rowers and other robots operating there in 2025. This place will be provided by all necessary:

  • Energy;
  • Heat;
  • The allocated line of communication;
  • Protective home from flashes of solar radiation.

The power of the reactor will reach 10 kW. This is considered to be enough for simultaneous servicing up to ten Moon rowers.

The business model of coworking will facilitate useful loading, delivered on Moon. The cost of cargo delivery per month varies in the range of $1.2-1.3 mln/kg. And the authors of the project are confident that it will be more profitable for owners of the rowers to buy maintenance in the coworking than to deliver additional batteries on Moon.

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