Ukrainian Space Rocket to be Developed within Five Years

by Vladyslava Zhabrovets
Monday, October 11, 2021

As part of the space program in Ukraine, it is planned to implement a project to create a domestic rocket within five years

The head of the state space agency Volodymyr Taftay told about this in an interview with RBC-Ukraine. 

He noted that all the goals spelled out in the space program, including the creation of a space rocket, are more than realistic, and must be fulfilled in any event.

"After five years, we should get these projects ready and working," said Taftay.

He added that the Ukrainian rocket is a light-class one, and it requires financing in the sum of $180 million. "Within the framework of this project, the optimal point for a sea launch will be calculated. Most likely, it will be the Atlantic Ocean, but the launch points from the Indian Ocean were also considered," Taftay said.

On September 29, the government supported a program for the development of the space industry with a budget of $1.52 billion. The draft law will be considered by the people's deputies in the near future.

Earlier in September, Volodymyr Taftay spoke in detail about the space program until 2025. Among others, it is planned to create a Ukrainian spaceport and a group of 7 satellites, whose main task would be to photograph the surface of the planet from space. In addition to that, it is an effective tool for hostility prevention and monitoring of resources.

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