Ukrainian Startup for Accounting and Sales Automation

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, January 19, 2022
Ukrainian Startup for Accounting and Sales Automation

Ukrainian startup called “Saldo Apps” plans to accommodate small business entrepreneurs from around the world

Saldo Apps automates the issuance of invoices and simplifies the process of debt tracking, automates the management and separation of personal finance and business capital, warehouse operations, personnel management and will allow contactless customer service.

According to the company's founders, this project is being developed as a simple addition for smartphones, which will automate accounting and sales for micro and small businesses in all areas, from trade and services to the hotel and restaurant business.

Saldo Apps will allow entrepreneurs to run their business directly from a smartphone and help them understand critical questions such as "How much did I sell?" and "How much did I earn?".

Also in the product line is ORTY – a comprehensive restaurant management system. ORTY is a POS that allоws you to process and implement contactless service, оnline ordering, table ordering, mаrketing management.

Each business task is performed by a simple and intuitive mobile application that can be used individually and in sync with other Saldo Apps applications. The more applications the owner uses, the fuller the financial picture of his business he sees. 

Currently, the company employs 30 people, but the owners are actively looking for specialists, namely senior iOS developer, UA specialist, lead UX/UI designer, HR specialist, and Java developer.

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