Ukrainian Startup “MaxAh” Develops the World’s Most Potent Graphene-Based Battery

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, November 22, 2021
Ukrainian Startup “MaxAh” Develops the World’s Most Potent Graphene-Based Battery

The goal and prospects of the "MaxA." Why is Ukrainian graphene the main ingredient?

Engineering and technological startup MaxAh, which is working on a technology for lithium power supplies using Ukrainian graphene, has received confirmation of the prospects of development from the state University of chemistry and technology.

According to representatives of the startup, a ready-made prototype (with improved charging and energy storage rates compared to conventional batteries) can be presented as early as the end of the second quarter of 2022.

The main ingredient  — Ukrainian graphene

MaxAh uses Ukrainian-made graphene in a cathode or anode material in non-aqueous electrolytes to create lithium power supplies. This improves the performance of charging power, energy distribution and storage processes. Over time, it will make a vertically integrated production process.

In addition, during the implementation of the project, the startup is developing energy sources based on manganese spinel, sulfur, iron-phosphorus compounds, and not just one element. 

Goal of MaxAh 

The goal of MaxAh is a product for crucial areas of application: transport, energy, electronics, space, medicine, defense. The company's approach solves three problems at once:

  • Lack of a finished product;
  • Slow development and production of energy sources;
  • The intangible cost of this production.

According to MaxAh, the Ukrainian startup for the production of electric bicycles Delfast became interested in batteries using Ukrainian graphene even before testing our technology.

According to the startup's plan, at the end of the second quarter of 2022, a new battery prototype will be presented to the market, and product deliveries can begin in 6-7 months from the moment of the presentation of the prototype.

 The general development plan:

  1. Testing of various systems and preparation of scientific documentation;
  2. Creation of a physical prototype;
  3. Attracting additional investments;
  4. Optimization of the existing business plan, taking into account risks and forecasts;
  5. Presentation of the product to a broad audience.

Why is this project promising?

With the development of wearable electronics and the popularization of electric cars (most car manufacturers have already announced that they will stop producing vehicles with an internal combustion engine by 2030-2035. The capacity and charging speed of batteries is becoming ever more acute.

And according to a report by the analytical agency Allied Market Research, the global market for lithium-ion batteries using graphene will reach $95.6 billion by 2027.

Economic forecasts and the interest of both users and device manufacturers are the main incentives for the MaxAh startup to attract additional investment, commercialize and scale its own.

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