Ukrainian “Stringer” — Russian “Su-25” 1:0

On September 11, the Armed Forces of Ukraine lost 7 units of military equipment, and the Russian invaders — 102
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The Eastern Operational-Territorial Association of the National Guard of Ukraine reports success in the counterattack on the occupiers. On September 11, the National Guard of Ukraine in the Kharkiv region, with the help of Stringer, destroyed an enemy fighter, infantry fighting vehicles and some other military equipment. 

"The Guards crew of the Stinger portable anti-aircraft missile system destroyed the Russian Su-25 attack aircraft. Within a few hours, special forces mortars discovered and inflicted fire damage on the accumulation of enemy equipment. As a result, 2 Ural trucks, 2 BTR-82s, 1 combat armored vehicle and a fuel truck. At the same time, it was possible to verify ten destroyed Russian occupiers."

According to the National Guard, the fighter was shot down today, September 11th. The Ukrainians also seized 2 units of the BTR-80 and "thanked the occupiers for a kind of targeted lend-lease for their unit."

The Onyx media resource collected information about the attacks and photos of the destroyed equipment and displayed statistics on the technical losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (left) and the occupying army (right) as of September 11. As you can see, the losses of Ukrainians are only 7 pieces of equipment, while the losses of the invaders are 102.

Glory to Ukraine!

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