Ukrainian Volunteering of the New Type

by Meifan Honcharuk
Saturday, May 6, 2023
Ukrainian Volunteering of the New Type

Ukrainian brands united to create free weddings for defenders of Ukraine

NGO Zemliachky and 15 brands and organisations in the country have launched a project to give soldiers a perfect wedding. Previously, the organization was engaged only in thematic assistance to women-military: sewed and supplied women's military uniforms, sent hygiene products, and provide psychological assistance. You can contact the NGO on the website or the official Instagram page. Therefore, representatives of the Zemliachky also received requests for wedding dresses, wreaths, etc. The organization realized that the war was not a reason to give up love and wanted to give women soldiers a ready-made holiday. The organization took over all processes and costs for preparing and conducting wedding evenings.

Well-known Ukrainian brands joined the initiative. Among them:

  • Popular chain of beauty bars G.Bar;
  • Jewellery house Zarina;
  • Franco's restaurant of Italian cuisine La Veranda;
  • Service Uklon;
  • The best hotels in Ukraine: 11 Mirrors Design Hotel, Globe Runner and F&B Spa Resort, and others.

On April 21, the volunteer project began to operate. Ukrainian business and NGO arranged a wedding for a woman who defends Ukraine on the front line.

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