Ukrainian Vyshyvanka Day

by Meifan Honcharuk
Thursday, May 18, 2023
Ukrainian Vyshyvanka Day

Every 3rd Thursday of May, Ukrainians all over the world wear our traditional clothes — vyshyvanka 

In 2006, a student from the Western Ukrainian town Chernivtci invited other students to come to all in embroidery shirts one day a year. Since that day, students of her university Chernivtsi national university, named after Yuriy Fedkovich, the department of history, political science, and other faculties of the university, began to wear vyshyvankas on this day. The brand new tradition spread to citizens, all of Ukraine, and now all Ukrainians worldwide. 

The event is called International Vyshyvanka day. Later the action was supported by the university's teachers and the people's whole country. Now the action has become an international holiday. All Ukrainians voluntarily wear clothes with ornaments on that day. This day is celebrated even in Antarctica. Today polar explorers of the Ukrainian station Academician Vernadsky wore national shirts.

"For our team, as for most Ukrainians, embroidered shirts have become a kind of talisman, which is addressed in special cases," wrote a group of researchers.

This holiday is unofficial but very important for those who want to emphasize their Ukrainian origin. Therefore, in almost all countries of the world today, you can meet people in traditional Ukrainian clothes. Each shirt has its own symbols and colours depending on the region. The tradition of celebrating the thing with traditional ornament appeared in 2006.

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