Ukrainian Website for Victims of Violence

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, August 29, 2022
Ukrainian Website for Victims of Violence

Due to the actions of Russian soldiers in Ukraine appeared a site that helps victims of sexual abuse

Russia has been waging war in Ukraine for 6 months, violating civilians' lives. Unfortunately, official sources report that there are cases of sexual violence. The Russian occupiers satisfy their vulnerabilities by exploiting the defencelessness of women and children. The government of Ukraine had therefore launched a victim assistance website.

The site is called Dali E. In English, the name of the site sounds like Future is. The site's creators meant that life can continue even after a person becomes a victim of sexual abuse.

The information assistance portal was launched in partnership with Ukrainian consulting agency One Health. This was reported by the leader of the MH4U psychological site Gaiko Kjoniegstein.

"To survive sexual violence during the war is an extremely traumatic experience. Not every person who has passed through it is ready to testify, speak or apply for help," reported on the site.

On the site, the organizations to which you can apply for medical, psychological, and legal assistance. Help fashion to get in Ukraine and Poland.

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