Ukrainian Woman In War

by Meifan Honcharuk
Sunday, May 29, 2023
Ukrainian Woman In War

The needs of women who began to defend the country in the first line

The armed forces of Ukraine doubled the presence of women in the ranks of the soldiers. This is due to both the popularization of the military profession and the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. Not all women from Ukraine want to contribute to victory in the rear, some go with their own hands to destroy the enemy. They say they only need a weapon on the battlefield. But is that really true?

The Ukrainian army had never had so many women, so the country was faced with a shortage of small boots. Shoe manufacturers have also not reached the level required to supply more than 60.000 female soldiers. The same applies to uniforms. Since it should not only be many times smaller but also correspond to the features of the body of a woman, it is sewn to order. The female defenders order from the seamstresses and the shoemaker, military uniforms: from helmet to jacket. It is very important to have comfortable clothing on the front line, as it facilitates movement, and confrontation with the enemy and sometimes can save life (helmet suitable for size).

In Ukraine, these needs are covered independently or with the help of public organizations. For example, in the country there is an organization Zemliachki. It collects military women’s requests for uniforms, hygiene items, and medicines and transfers them directly into their hands. The organization notes that each humanitarian box is individual, as each girl has her own physiological features, size of the leg, head girth, etc. Also in Zemliachki's report that Ukrainians who defend the country from the Russian army, need and other items:

  • Gaskets and tampons;
  • Dry shampoo;
  • Individual medicines;
  • Medications for thrush and cystitis;

This is due to the conditions in which the woman is living. On the front line, it is not possible to constantly wear dry clothes, regularly monitor hygiene, sleep in the warmth, so such diseases often progress during the war.

  • Hygienic cosmetics;

Where there are Ukrainian military women, almost everything has been destroyed by the occupiers. Therefore, women cannot hide from the cold or wind in the building. But a woman can protect her lips with a balm, face, and hands – with cream.

More than 60.000 women have become homeland protectors. They are ready to fight as men. They do not require special conditions and even the listed means of care. But the health of the warrior depends on the success of the operation. So sometimes ordinary things can be decisive on the road to victory.

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