Ukrainian Women Are Allowed to Serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, October 8, 2022
Ukrainian Women Are Allowed to Serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The government of Ukraine has approved a law that determines who is subject to the military registration and voluntary service

The parliament of Ukraine has decided to take women into military registration. According to the law, this procedure will be voluntary. 297 people's deputies voted for the decision. The law applies only to Ukrainian women who have professions related to military defence. The list of professions has also been formed by the Ministry of defence. The exception is women who have medical education.

People's deputy Yaroslav Zhelezniak said that women medical workers who are fit for military service for health and age are subject to military registration. But in this case, Ukraine does not force all women with medical education to go to the army or remain in the homeland under the circumstances. The legislation provides specific conditions that determine the doctor who should be registered for military purposes. For example, a woman who received higher medical education or a pharmaceutical speciality is allowed for military registration. Women with children are not subject to military service.

Now it is planned to develop documents that will make the process of military registration for women clear, transparent, and as convenient as possible.

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