Ukrainian Women’s Fund Announced a Grant Competition: Who Can Participate

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, December 15, 2021
Ukrainian Women’s Fund Announced a Grant Competition: Who Can Participate

A grant competition called "Be in the resource" has been announced in Ukraine. Only women's organizations are invited to participate

Which organizations can participate

First of all, organizations are quoted, guided by feminist principles, and actively influence the improvement of women's lives. So, they should:

  • Be feminine/feminist in values, activities, and charter;
  • Collaborate with other women's/feminist organizations;
  • Systematically defend women's rights and advance the feminist agenda.

Grant funding should be directed to:

  • Confronting threats;
  • Promoting resilience to external and internal challenges;
  • Attracting new funding;
  • Strengthening partnerships between women/feminist organizations, networking, and dialogue between generations of feminists.

Ukrainian women's fund (UWF) is an international charitable organization founded in 2000. It provides financial, informational, and advisory assistance to Ukraine, Moldova, and Belarus civil society organizations.


  • Raising funds to support and consolidate the women's movement. As part of this activity, they contribute to the development of a culture of philanthropy in Ukraine through raising awareness and information activities, conducting unique research and monitoring, fundraising events;
  • Training program. UWF conducts training and seminars on project management, entrepreneurship, women's empowerment, strategic planning, advocacy, and organizational development for various organizations;
  • Grant program. UWF supports women's organizations implementing projects to expand economic opportunities for women, develop women's business, reduce unemployment among women, exchange information, and have successful experiences with other women's organizations;
  • Analytical information program. UWF helps women's organizations to share information and experience, develop cooperation and build coalitions to address pressing issues, and conduct training, knowledge, and awareness-raising campaigns on women's rights and gender equality.


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