Ukrainians and the Red Cross Will Build Housing for Women

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, May 3, 2022
Ukrainians and the Red Cross Will Build Housing for Women

In Lviv, two houses will be built for pregnant women who have left the war zone

On May 1, the Lviv city council and the Red Cross society signed a cooperation agreement. According to the memorandum, the international committee will provide $885 thousand for the construction of housing for refugee women. The Red Cross thus provides the financial component of the project. Lviv city council provides labor, territory, and care for the future of the nation. It is planned to implement the project by mid-July.

"Last week we began to jointly build houses for pregnant women. We plan to complete construction by July 15. These plans will be realized due to the phenomenal support of the Red Cross. The company works quickly and shows very powerful dynamics in the construction, production, delivery, assembly, and purchase of furniture," the mayor of Lviv Andrii Sadovyi said, confirming the information about the new town for refugees.

Two new homes will be for pregnant women who have left Ukraine’s hot spots. The total area of two-story houses will be about 1300 meters square. Such buildings should accommodate 100 women. The houses will have rooms for each pregnant woman, a bathroom, kitchen, dining room, recreation area, children’s area, laundry, and boiler room.

Lviv is not the first time in the shortest possible time will implement such a project. Earlier, the city council built and opened a modular town with Polish support. The town for internally displaced persons consists of 88 houses. 350 people live there. Another modular town will soon be put into operation. It is divided into 700 settlers.

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