Ukrainians Born to Win

by Roman Cheplyk
Monday, March 6, 2023
Ukrainians Born to Win

21-year-old Ukrainian became the champion of Europe twice

Yaroslava Mohuchykh has been promoting Ukraine and sports for many years, participating in prestigious competitions in the high jump. In September 2022, the athlete took first place in the Diamond League in Brussels. Also on her list of victories, there are even 2 wins at the European Championships. She won the gold medal in 2021. In 2023, Yaroslava Mohuchykh returned to the competition and again took the gold medal.

The fact that Mohuchykh was able to confirm the status of the champion was reported on March 5. Competitions were held in Istanbul. The Ukrainian jumped to 1 meter 98 cm.

Second place after the Ukrainian athlete took the representative of the Netherlands. The top three in the high jump indoors were also closed by a girl from Ukraine, Kateryna Tabashnyk. She jumped 1.94 cm in height.

The jumper from Ukraine, Yuliia Levchenko, could also jump 1.94 cm. However, unlike their compatriots, Levchenko could not conquer these heights on the first attempt. Therefore, the athlete took 5th place in the standings.

Ukrainian athletes annually show high results, bringing the country to the top of the world rankings. Nevertheless, the Olympic Games are ready to sacrifice Ukrainians for the participation of Russians and Belarusians in the upcoming competitions.

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