Ukrainians on the World Sport Pedestals 2023 

by Roman Cheplyk
Monday, February 6, 2023
Ukrainians on the World Sport Pedestals 2023 

Ukrainian judokas, biathletes, and skier won first medals in 2023

In Paris began the tournament series Grand Slam in judo. Ukrainian athletes have already made a decent statement at the competition. The gold medal was taken by Bohdan Yadov. Ukrainian won against Israelis, Slovak, Spaniards, and South Korean judokas. In the final, Yadov met a Mongol. The Ukrainian was able to throw an opponent on ippon and win a clean victory. The Yadovs' gold medal became the 44th award of Ukraine for the history of participation of athletes in the Grand Slam.

Also in Paris, the world-famous champion Dariia Belodid has already gone on the tatami. She successfully debuted in a new weight category and took 3rd place.

At the same time in Austria, Ukrainians take their medals at the IBU Biathlon Cup. Dmytro Pidruchnyi became the bronze medalist at the continental biathlon competition. It is noted that the Ukrainian athlete lost the lead to 2 Norwegians, and it was his first competition after the meniscus operation. Also, 2 Ukrainian women, Khrystyna Dmytrenko and Oleksandra Merkushyna were able to enter the shortlist of the final stage of the IBU Biathlon Cup.

Dmytro Kotovskyi also glorified Ukraine. He won at the level of the World Cup in ski acrobatics. Kotovsky made a difficult jump: a triple flip with 5 screws. Taking this opportunity, the athlete thanked America for the support of Ukraine, the decision on Abrams tanks and asked for continued support.

Ukrainian athletes do not give up their goals and dreams even under rocket attacks. At this time, the International Olympic committee is ready to sacrifice the world and champions in favour of Russian athletes at the Olympic Games 2024.

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