Ukrainians Raised $3 Mln in 3 Days for the AFU

by Meifan Honcharuk
Saturday, June 25, 2023
Ukrainians Raised $3 Mln in 3 Days for the AFU

Funds for the purchase of weapons for the army of Ukraine were raised through the Prytula foundation

Ukrainian presenter and activist Serhiy Prytula has launched a fundraiser under the eloquent title Catch the enemy everywhere. The Ukrainians grouped together and collected more than $3 million in 3 days. Now Prytula and his team, in cooperation with the Ukrainian military, are starting to contract the nomenclature. Since the Ukrainians transferred more money to the army than was planned for the fundraising Catch the enemy everywhere, it is necessary to determine what can be bought with the remaining amount.

We are watching the events in Russia However, there is no reason to relax and leave the destruction of the enemy solely to the enemies themselves. The territory of Ukraine is the responsibility of Ukraine. Therefore, Ukrainians continue to donate funds to purchase and repair equipment, defence equipment, radars, drones, vehicles and medicines.

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