Ukrainians Received the German “M100 Media Award”

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, September 7, 2022
Ukrainians Received the German “M100 Media Award”

"No other nation in the world has demonstrated so passionately the value of freedom in the last few months. Ukraine is fighting heroically for its values ​​and defending them day by day"

The M100 Media Award is a German award for protecting the freedom of the media and speech, contributing to strengthening democratic pillars and mutual understanding in Europe. On September 6, the M100 Media Award council decided to present this award to the Ukrainian people.

"No nation in the world has demonstrated the value of freedom and its fragile vulnerability as passionately as Ukraine has in recent months. It wages a heroic struggle for its values ​​of independence and freedom. And protects them day after day, hour after hour under deadly fire. What we take for granted, the Ukrainians have been trying to save for months, risking their lives. A people that has become a single nation in the most difficult times of its existence and strives for democracy in the most difficult times. Their suffering is non-negotiable. This is a war against democracy, freedom and value systems. Ukraine's people deserve our deep respect, support and solidarity. They are fighting for us too," M100 advisory board chaired by Potsdam mayor Mike Schubert.

The presentation will take place on September 15 in Potsdam. Volodymyr Klitschko will perform and accept the award for the Ukrainian people. Olaf Scholz, US ambassador to Germany Amy Gutman, and former head of the European Council Donald Tusk will make speeches as part of the award ceremony.

We remind you that in May, the Atlantic Council (a US non-governmental think tank for studying international relations and international security issues) awarded the people of Ukraine For Outstanding Leadership.

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