Ukrainians Sold 500,000 Hectares of Land: Top 3 Regions

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, July 9, 2024
Ukrainians Sold 500,000 Hectares of Land: Top 3 Regions

Three years after opening the land market, Ukrainians have sold over half a million hectares of agricultural land, leading to significant price changes

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Popular Regions in the Land Market

Total Land Sold and Agreements:

  • 567.3 hectares of agricultural land sold.
  • 253.4 thousand agreements concluded.
  • Average price per hectare: 41,000 hryvnias.

Top Regions for Land Sales:

  1. Poltava Region:

    • Total land sold: 60.36 hectares.
    • Average price per hectare: 42.75 thousand hryvnias.
  2. Dnipropetrovsk Region:

    • Total land sold: 58.86 hectares.
  3. Kharkiv Region:

    • Total land sold: 54.45 hectares.

Impact of Full-Scale Invasion:

  • The full-scale invasion has influenced buyer inquiries and land values.
  • In the first six months of 2024:
    • Poltava Region: 17,000 hectares sold, average price 52,590 hryvnias per hectare.
    • Dnipropetrovsk Region: 12.95 thousand hectares sold, average price 34 thousand hryvnias per hectare.
    • Kirovohrad Oblast: 9.37 thousand hectares sold, average price 38 thousand hryvnias per hectare (replacing Kharkiv due to its frontline status).

Additional Information

  • Farmer Compensation Program: A compensation program for farmers for land demining is now in effect, covering 80% of costs, aiding faster clearing of territories.
  • Right to Land Plots: Despite the war, every Ukrainian citizen retains the right to a free plot of land, with procedures adjusted for future processing.

This data reflects significant trends and changes in the Ukrainian land market, highlighting the impact of geopolitical factors and regional variations in land demand and prices.

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