Ukrainians  Сreated an Unmanned E-Submarine

by Roman Cheplyk
Monday, February 27, 2023
Ukrainians  Сreated an Unmanned E-Submarine

Prototype submarine for 11 crew members "Kronos" presented at the techno-exhibition in Dubai

Ukrainian developers registered the company Highland System in the UAE and presented at IDEX-2023 a prototype of their invention Kronos — a self-charging unmanned submarine with an electric motor. Kronos accommodates 11 crew members, capable of carrying large loads and is designed to be adapted for specific requests.

The first customer of Kronos is a businessman from Saudi Arabia. His team will use the Highland System rig to service the main pipelines.

Other Kronos customers represent the military sphere because this submarine is a full-fledged vessel with a high ability to absorb signals, carry torpedoes, is equipped with sonar and VLF, WHF, UHF. The submarine can operate in unmanned mode. A special manoeuvring system eliminated the problem of creating eddies in the water, which makes it very difficult to detect. The Kronos crew can observe the events around them (360° night vision camera) on the surface (electronic periscope).

According to Highland Systems CEO Oleksandr Kuznetsov, the heads of the UAE Navy will participate in the Kronos tests, and 3D printers will be involved in the production of the next generation of submarines.

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