Ukrainians Will Be Able to Work in Israel

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, May 25, 2022
Ukrainians Will Be Able to Work in Israel

On May 23, the Israeli ministry of interior changed its policy toward refugees from Ukraine

Israel has long remained aloof from the Ukrainian problem. When all countries simply absorbed refugees from Ukraine, Jerusalem demanded foreign passports and a visa. But now, according to Israeli interior ministry Ayelet Shaked, the country is ready to help Ukraine.

Israel approved military assistance for Ukraine. On May 23, Israeli helmets and armor were delivered to the country. Told the honorary consul of Israel in the western region Oleh Vyshnyakov.

On the same day, a government meeting was held on the refugees who came to Israel. People were allowed to work. Earlier, Jerusalem banned Ukrainian refugees from looking for work. Ayelet Shaked received this bucket of criticism and discontent from the international community. Therefore, the policy of accepting people fleeing the war in Ukraine has been changed.

The Ukrainian embassy confirmed this decision. Now Ukrainian people can come to Israel on different terms and support themselves. The procedure for applying for and obtaining work permits is not yet known.

"The embassy welcomes the decision of the Ministry, which is unprecedented for the local legislation," said Ukrainian representatives.

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