Ukrnafta Begins Drilling New Well in Western Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, July 5, 2024
Ukrnafta Begins Drilling New Well in Western Ukraine

Ukrnafta has initiated the drilling of a new exploratory well in western Ukraine, aiming to uncover productive layers of menilitic sediments

This development marks a significant step in the company's efforts to enhance oil production in the region.

Key Details:

  • Location and Depth:

    • The new well is being drilled in western Ukraine.
    • It has a design depth of 2,754 meters.
  • Expected Output:

    • The initial throughput is estimated to be approximately 16 tons per day.
  • Operational Execution:

    • The drilling work is being carried out by Ukrnafta's structural unit, "Ukrnafta Burinnia," utilizing the company's own drilling machinery.
  • Future Plans:

    • In addition to this new well, Ukrnafta is also commencing work on the construction of two oil wells, each with a depth of 4.5 kilometers.
    • These wells are expected to collectively produce over 100 tons of oil per day.

The head of Ukrnafta, Serhii Koretskyi, emphasized the importance of these developments in boosting the company's oil production capacity and exploring new productive layers in the region.

This initiative aligns with Ukrnafta's broader strategy to expand its exploration and production activities, ensuring a steady supply of oil and contributing to Ukraine's energy security.


Ukrnafta's new drilling operations in western Ukraine represent a strategic move to enhance oil production and explore new resources. With the expected high throughput and the initiation of additional wells, the company is poised to significantly increase its contribution to the country's oil output.

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