“UKRSIBBANK” Holds Free Business Seminars for Women

by Anna Gayduk
Monday, November 15, 2021
“UKRSIBBANK” Holds Free Business Seminars for Women

They will be aimed at providing psychological and financial support for aspiring businesswomen

According to expert research, the increase in the participation of women in business contributes to the improvement of the economic situation in the country as a whole. But at the same time, the share of businesswomen in Ukraine is still 25%-30%.

In order to improve these indicators, UKRSIBBANK, which is part of the international financial group BNP Paribas, is implementing the Women in Business program. In particular, we are talking about consulting and psychological support, as well as financial assistance.

According to Yanina Olkhovska, director for communications, corporate social responsibility, and engagement of UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group, the bank develops and refines the relevant program from year to year.

"We receive feedback from the project participants and are looking for new opportunities that can help them both in professional development and well-being," she stressed, adding that by supporting women in business, the bank ensures the sustainable development of the Ukrainian economy and society in general.

At the same time, one should not forget that today 56% of women for professional development lack relevant information in management, taxation, marketing, etc .; 52% are not confident enough in their own abilities; 42% of women lack funding sources.

In response to these challenges, in November and December, the bank invites women who want to start or take a business to a new quality level to attend 7 free online seminars on the most relevant topics for business development.

Taking part in the events requires a provisional registration.

Given the epidemiological situation, the seminars will be held online, so they can be watched live from any convenient device.

Among the speakers are successful executives, entrepreneurs, company owners, and experts, who not only collaborate with huge international corporations but also conduct training in international business schools.

In addition to this, in the near future, the bank plans to create a comprehensive banking package for women entrepreneurs, including both traditional general daily banking services and individual privileges for business owners and managers.

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