The Large Joint-Stock Company Ukrtransnafta No Longer Uses Paper Documents

Wednesday, June 2, 2021
The Large Joint-Stock Company Ukrtransnafta No Longer Uses Paper Documents

“We began to digitize all business processes and document flow of the enterprise in 2019. Now we have almost completely abandoned paper documents”, says Konstantin Klimenko, Chief Accountant of JSC "Ukrtransnafta"

The transition to electronic document management at Ukrtransnafta JSC began in 2019 when the company introduced Megapolis.DocNet internal electronic document management system. In the same year, the company launched ERP from SAP. Now the company also operates a solution for automating the procurement process APS, an investing-in-ukraine/service-for-investors/accounting/" rel="dofollow">accounting system from 1C, and proprietary software - iDocHUB. The last implementation company carried out was a system for electronic document management with counterparties - Deals. All systems are integrated with each other, and the company has practically no non-automated processes left: the company has transferred 90–95% of the company's workflow to electronic form. There is only a small number of documents for exchange with partners on paper - mostly utilities. But even these paper documents are scanned, endorsed, and stored in the DocNet internal workflow system.

After the full completion of the transition to electronic document management, the processes in the company did not change much, but they accelerated significantly. If the approval procedure takes place on paper, it is very difficult to control the entire process. "When everything happens in electronic form, I can always see at what stage the approval is going on, which of the participants is working with a certain document, by whom the document was signed, and so on. We are a fairly regulated company, and one document can contain a dozen signatures, so it's hard to even imagine how much time we are saving now while working with documents. Very, very much", says Konstantin.
In addition, the processes have become more manageable, transparent, and understandable. The presence of the Megapolis.DocNet mobile application helps a lot: although it has a stripped-down functionality, it adds mobility. This is convenient, especially when you are not near the computer, but on the road: you can always look at the document and sign it.

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