UN Establishes Ukraine Community Recovery Fund to Support Mine Action and Reconstruction

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, July 9, 2024
UN Establishes Ukraine Community Recovery Fund to Support Mine Action and Reconstruction

The United Nations, in collaboration with the Ukrainian government, has launched the Ukraine Community Recovery Fund (UCRF) to support the country’s reconstruction efforts, particularly focusing on mine action

The fund aims to gather $300 million over the next five years and has already attracted $7.25 million for demining operations.

Key Points of the UCRF:

  • Initial Funding:

    • The fund has already received $11.74 million by early May, with $7.25 million dedicated to demining efforts. Denmark contributed $5.76 million, and South Korea added $1.25 million.
  • Purpose and Goals:

    • The UCRF is designed to support an inclusive, community-based approach to early recovery, aligning with priorities identified in the third Rapid Damage and Needs Assessment (RDNA-3).
    • The main focus is on mine action, crucial for restoring housing, energy, social infrastructure, and local economic development.
  • Mine Action Project:

    • The first project under the fund is the construction of a logistical base for humanitarian demining by the State Emergency Service. The initial phase, including feasibility studies and site preparation, is estimated to cost $1.18 million. With additional funding, construction could be completed by Q2 2025.
    • This logistical base will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of demining operations across Ukraine, enabling safer defusal of explosive ordnance in affected areas.
  • Long-term Strategy:

    • The UCRF aims to address gaps in community needs, pilot innovative initiatives, and stimulate strategic mine action efforts.
    • The fund will align with Ukraine's National Mine Action Strategy, focusing on demining, training, and victim assistance.
  • Advisory Role:

    • A senior adviser on mine action and community recovery will be appointed to improve the effectiveness of mine action in affected communities.

Importance of Mine Action:

The full-scale invasion by Russia has left up to 30% of Ukraine's territory potentially contaminated with unexploded ordnance, landmines, and cluster munitions. Effective mine action is crucial for ensuring safe living conditions and enabling reconstruction and economic recovery in impacted communities.


The creation of the UCRF represents a significant step towards rebuilding Ukraine's war-torn regions. By focusing on mine action and supporting local recovery, the fund aims to restore safety and foster sustainable development. Collaboration between national and international partners will be essential to achieving these ambitious goals.

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