The UN Launch a Program for the Future of Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Tuesday, October 17, 2023
The UN Launch a Program for the Future of Ukraine

Ukraine capacity development fund from the IMF is eager to raise $65 mln for macroeconomic and reformation projects in Ukraine 

During the meeting in Marrakesh, representatives of the IMF announced the founding of the Ukraine capacity development fund. The head of the National Bank of Ukraine, Andrii Pyshnyi, participated in the annual meeting. Earlier, the IMF raised $14 million to support Ukraine during the war. After the UCDF, they plan to raise another $65 million. The goal is to close the needs of Ukraine to perform its plan of development and reformation. It should be emphasised that the memorandums of Ukraine and the IMF are aimed at maintaining the stability of macroeconomic, external and general financial stability. 

In addition, the importance of supporting Ukraine in the war launched by the Russian Federation was discussed in Marrakech. Financial and military experts should be involved in this pat. These decisions prove the trust in Ukraine's victory in the war and the fixation of positive changes by the UN.

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