UN Women and “Impact Force” Launch Project in Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Friday, June 30, 2023
UN Women and “Impact Force” Launch Project in Ukraine

An online educational program "Dream and Achieve" for women

The United Nations entity for gender equality and a Ukrainian non-governmental organisation for the economic renewal of the country Impact Force, with the support of the Ministry of digital transformation, is launching a large-scale training programme. The online program is designed for women ready to rebuild Ukraine after the war.

The Ministry of digital transformation of Ukraine notes that women will become the leading chain link of the country's economic growth because, during the year of the war, women from Ukraine have not stopped creating business projects. It is noted that since February 24, 2022, every 2nd business in the country was opened by a woman. Moreover, there are many displaced persons in the country, mostly women and children. Therefore, the project will allow the resettled people to start living again. Training from the Ukrainian side and the UN will help women to find work, start their businesses and acquire valuable skills.

"Our program is an important step to support Ukrainian internally displaced persons who suffered from the war and are forced to leave, saving children in search of safety. It will help these women not only restore their lives and ensure financial stability but also see new prospects for development and successful integration," explain Impact Force.

The educational course will begin this year. It will be held online. During the curriculum, there will be 11 modules to help learn how to use digital capabilities. In addition, Ukrainian women will study digital marketing, building a business strategy and sales, and turning a business model into a profitable project.

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