Update of the Public Services Act

Tuesday, February 15, 2022
Update of the Public Services Act

From March 1, 2022, the facts about the place of housing of the person will be confirmed only from the departmental information system

Previously, any government agency or commercial bank could request any documents from the client. Among the documents available to the organizations were documented on the registration of a citizen. But since December 1, 2021, Ukraine has had a modified law on declaring and registering a place of residence in Ukraine. As part of this change, from the beginning of March, the person can submit the information about the place of residence, which were entered in the passport-book, e-passport, e-passport for traveling abroad, or extract from the register of the territorial community.

Also, this law notes that since the date of introduction of access to the departmental information system, notification about the person's place of residence is confirmed from the extract from the register of the territorial community.

"Since March 1, all authorities have no right to inquiry a registration. They will have access to the service. The official who has this right will receive a document copy in one click about where you live. No reference is needed," said the first deputy minister of digital transformation, Vyskub Oleksii.

This government decision simplifies the work of both agencies and people who seek services. The advantage is that Ukrainians get personal data security, and there is currently no need to collect a large number of paper documents.

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