US and EU Change Ambassador to Russia

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, September 5, 2022
US and EU Change Ambassador to Russia

Ambassadors John Sullivan and Markus Ederer completed their diplomatic service in Russia and left the country. Other ambassadors will take their place

The United States and the European Union decided not to recall their diplomats because, against the backdrop of Russia's war against Ukraine, it is essential to have channels of communication with the aggressor country.

On September 2, EU ambassador to Russia Markus Ederer announced that he was leaving his post as planned. Ambassador Ederer has already left Moscow, and French ambassador to Malaysia Roland Galyarag will take his place.

"I leave my post with peace of mind. I think I did what I could", Markus Ederer.

Josep Borrell has already approved ambassador Roland Gallarag for this position.

According to the representative of the Russian agency, "the EU adheres to the position regarding the need to keep open diplomatic channels of communication with Moscow."

The US ambassador to Russia also completed his service. According to the US Embassy in Russia, John Sullivan completed his work as the diplomatic mission leader and left Moscow.

We remind you that Russia severed diplomatic relations with Ukraine a few days before the February 24 attack.

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