US Attorney General Arrives in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, June 22, 2022
US Attorney General Arrives in Ukraine

The purpose of the visit is a personal conversation about the tools to counter and bring to justice those who commit war crimes on the territory of Ukraine against Ukrainians

US attorney general/minister of justice Merrick Garland arrived in Kyiv on June 21. Garland was met by the prosecutor general of Ukraine, Irina Venediktova.

"The United States sends an unequivocal message — there is no place to hide (to Russia, Putin, and everyone involved in war crimes against Ukraine and Ukrainians — ed). Our partners and we will do everything possible to ensure that all those responsible for these atrocities are brought to justice," Merrick Garland.

Irina Venediktova shed some light on the details of a personal conversation with the US attorney general:

  • The mechanism and timing of the transfer to Ukraine of the assets of Russians frozen by sanctions;
  • Search for Russian war criminals through the American Cleptocapture Task Force system;
  • Joint international investigations and bringing to justice those responsible for the murders, rapes, looting, and other Russian war crimes against Ukraine.

From what is not related to the war: strengthening the cybersecurity of Ukraine, measures to prevent and combat environmental crimes, and Ukraine's anti-corruption path.

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