US Delivers 100 ATACMS Missiles to Ukraine, Boosting Long-Range Capabilities

by Roman Cheplyk
Thursday, April 25, 2024
US Delivers 100 ATACMS Missiles to Ukraine, Boosting Long-Range Capabilities

The United States has supplied Ukraine with over a hundred ATACMS long-range missiles as part of a recent aid package, enhancing Ukraine’s military capabilities significantly

This development was reported by the New York Times, citing a high-ranking American official.

Key Highlights:

  • President Joe Biden approved the missile transfer in February 2024, which was included in a March aid package worth $300 million.
  • The package also contained cluster ammunition, enhancing the operational versatility of the Ukrainian forces.
  • This decision was initially kept confidential to prevent advance disclosure to Russian forces.
  • The ATACMS transfer is part of a larger nearly $61 billion aid package recently passed by Congress and signed by President Biden.
  • According to the report, Ukraine has already utilized these missiles to target Russian military assets, including striking an airfield in Crimea.
  • Congress members aware of the inclusion of ATACMS in the aid package have praised their effectiveness, suggesting that these assets could significantly alter the battlefield dynamics.
  • The addition of ATACMS to Ukraine's arsenal allows for precise strikes on critical Russian military infrastructures across occupied territories, including Crimea.

This strategic military aid comes as the conflict continues, with both sides experiencing significant military engagements and strategic maneuvers.

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