US Military and Diplomats Called On Biden to Give Ukraine ATACMS

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, August 19, 2022
US Military and Diplomats Called On Biden to Give Ukraine ATACMS

20 influential officials of the American government appealed to the president to provide Ukraine with weapons with a range of 300 km

The text of the open letter appeared on the website of The Hill. The document was drafted by 20 high-ranking diplomats, officials, and the military. Politicians urge the American president not to delay the provision of heavy weapons to Ukraine’s armed forces. According to them, the war has already begun a decisive phase, which can further determine the course of events. The letter also mentions that the Russian Federation has affected American interests. Experts in the field of national security and politics noted that Biden’s excessive caution against provoking Russian escalation (both conventional and nuclear) is a signal of handing over the initiative to Russian president Vladimir Putin. According to American officials, this reduces the pressure on Moscow and forces the US to yield to its principles.

Therefore, the addressers called on Joe Biden to act: to provide Ukraine with weapons, to strengthen sanctions. Among other things, officials drew attention to the need to provide Ukraine with long-range weapons. In particular, ATACMS missiles. They can reach their target at 300 km.

Among the signatories are former NATO force commanders in Europe Philippe Bridlaw and Wesley Clark, former head of the US military contingent in Europe Ben Hodges, former American ambassadors in Ukraine, and national security experts.

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