US Senators Want to Transfer “F-16” to Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, March 21, 2023
US Senators Want to Transfer “F-16” to Ukraine

8 senators required Pentagon to hand over combat aircraft to the Armed Forces of Ukraine 

The Republican and Democratic party senators wrote a letter to secretary of defence Lloyd Austin. In an official address, the 8 members of the Upper House called on the Pentagon to hand over to Ukraine the combat aircraft F-16. Mark Kelly from Arizona initiated the letter. However, politicians understand the feasibility of transferring the F-16 and propose a week to consider options for providing the aircraft: new production and existing units. Including senators suggested learning about Ukraine's expectations in this matter. Senators also asked to consider the issue of training Ukrainian pilots for the F-16. Recall that 2 Ukrainian pilots are already in America based on the national guard Morris Air

The main arguments of the Democratic and Republican parties for fulfilling the Ukrainian request for military assistance – help to move the war from a critical point where no one has a clear advantage. Therefore, the F-16 can give Ukraine an advantage.

"This would be a significant help that could change the rules of the battlefield," says the US secretary of defence.

Every day matters in war. As the aggressor accumulates military power, the Ukrainian army could push the invaders from its territories.

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