USA and Germany officially agree on “Nord Stream-2”: what they promised to Ukraine?

Thursday, July 22, 2021
USA and Germany officially agree on “Nord Stream-2”: what they promised to Ukraine?

The United States and Germany have officially agreed to complete the construction of the Russian "Nord Stream-2" gas pipeline, publishing a joint declaration promises to Ukraine

The text of the declaration, promulgated by the German Foreign Ministry, is called A Joint Statement by the United States and Germany in Support of Ukraine, European Energy Security, and Our Climate Goals, reports the European Truth channel.

The document begins with assurances that the United States and Germany strongly support the sovereignty, territorial integrity, independence of Ukraine and its European path, and reaffirm the need to take action against Russian aggression and Russia's destructive actions in Ukraine and abroad.

"The United States pledges its support for the efforts of Germany and France to achieve peace in eastern Ukraine within the Normandy format. Germany will intensify its efforts within the Normandy format to ensure the implementation of the Minsk agreements," the declaration says.

It is noted that negotiations on this issue should begin as soon as possible, but no later than September 1.

Germany is committed to establishing and managing a Green Fund for Ukraine that will contribute to its energy transition, energy efficiency, and energy security.

Germany and the United States will seek to encourage and support at least $1 billion worth of Green Fund investments, including from third parties such as the private sector.

Germany will initially give at least $175 million in grants to the fund and will work to increase its contributions in the coming years, the declaration says.

The fund will promote the use of renewable energy sources, promote the development of hydrogen as an energy carrier, improve energy efficiency, accelerate the phase-out of coal and maintain carbon neutrality.

The United States plans to advance the initiative with technical and strategic assistance in line with the goals of the Fund.

In addition, Germany will continue to promote bilateral energy projects with Ukraine, especially in the areas of renewable energy and energy efficiency, and support for the phase-out of coal, which also includes the appointment of a special envoy with dedicated funds of $70 million.

Germany is also poised to launch a resilience package for Ukraine that will support Ukraine's energy security. This includes efforts to secure and enhance the ability to reverse gas to Ukraine with a view to fully protecting Ukraine from potential future attempts by Russia to cut gas supplies to the country.

In addition, Germany will allow Ukraine to participate in its support and cooperation projects to develop and expand cyber capabilities, support efforts to reform the Ukrainian energy sector and help develop options for modernizing Ukraine's gas transmission systems.

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