USA Cooperates 40 Countries to Help Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, April 24, 2022
USA Cooperates 40 Countries to Help Ukraine

The congress of States will be held at the "Ramstein" air base in Germany. The needs of the Ukrainian army and ways to help counter Russia will be discussed

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby announced the forthcoming consultation meeting of the most influential countries in the world. As of today, 40 states have been invited, and 20 of them have officially confirmed their participation. Tools for providing Ukraine with long-term military assistance will be discussed. Thanks to the Washington Post, this became known, quoted by the speaker Kirby.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said on Friday that more than 20 countries have agreed to take part in a "consultative" meeting next week at Ramstein air base in Germany. Defense ministers and senior officers from the US and partner countries will discuss what long-term assistance Ukrainians need the military to remain combat-ready, including after the war with Russia", Washington Post.

Lloyd Austin, United States secretary of defense, will attend the conference. Its purpose will be to listen to the plans of other countries, their ability to provide military assistance to Ukraine, and an analysis of that.

"He wants to hear from allies and partners, as well as from the Ukrainians themselves, about what they are doing and what they will need in the future," John Kirby.

The meeting has nothing to do with the issue of providing guarantees to a military neutral (in the future) Ukraine.

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