The USA Is Ready to Train Ukrainian Pilots on “F-16”

by Meifan Honcharuk
Sunday, August 28, 2023
The USA Is Ready to Train Ukrainian Pilots on “F-16”

Pentagon pilots are ready to take Ukrainian pilots under their wing if there are not enough resources in Europe

The US Department of defense has issued a statement according to which Pentagon representatives will be able to accept Ukrainians for training in piloting the F-16. The condition for this will be the lack of resources in those countries that already train the AFU pilots.

"(We) are open to pilot training if that potential is exhausted in Europe," Pentagon deputy speaker Sabrina Singh.

"This condition. So, if Denmark and the Netherlands take the lead in training, if they just don't have the capacity... to train as many pilots as Ukraine wants to send or plans to send, then we will help train in the US."

Ukraine is the only student-country for European F-16 instructors. Therefore, our military departments themselves determine the quantity of pilots who will be trained. The condition is pilot experience and knowledge of English.

In addition to pilots, Ukrainians will be trained to work with these fighters, who will provide maintenance and organisation of combat sorties.

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