USA Transfers NASAMS to Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, September 17, 2022
USA Transfers NASAMS to Ukraine

The speaker of the Pentagon announced that within 60 days, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be armed with 3 NASAMS systems

Ukraine continues the offensive operation. Foreign weapons, combined with Ukrainian strength and dedication, result in victory. Another step towards the victory of Ukraine is the NASAMS anti-aircraft missile system for the Ukrainian army.

Patrick Rader, Pentagon spokesman and brigadier general, said that the first 2 installations will be transferred to Ukraine within 60 days. The total number is 3 units.

"These defence systems will further strengthen Ukraine's defence against airborne threats," Patrick Reider.

It is known that the Pentagon signed a contract for the production of NASAMS with Raytheon Missiles & Defense. However, these batteries will not be manufactured until August 24. Probably, NASAMS for Ukraine will be allocated from the balance of the US armed forces. The anti-aircraft missile system includes a launcher and a Raytheon AN/MPQ-64F1 sentinel radar station.

Today, American NASAMS is included in the defence complex of 12 states.

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