Using Iranian Drones Against Ukrainians Won’t Change the Course of the War

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, October 16, 2022
Using Iranian Drones Against Ukrainians Won’t Change the Course of the War

Experts believe that the massive destruction of Ukrainian cities and Russian mobilization will not change anything in this war

The Washington Post published assessments of Western intelligence and military experts regarding Russia's new escalation of the conflict. Experts note that the recently announced mobilization of Russian reservists was a failure. The authorities issue summonses to people who have not yet served, conduct rapid training, and bring them to Ukraine as "meat". The intense shelling of towns far from the epicentre of events had caused damage only to civilians. The strikes on the CHP led to the fact that some cities were left without light and heat. The destroyed high-rise buildings took the lives of ordinary people. But this did not affect the Ukrainian army's advance and the Russian invaders' defeat.

"Ukraine has turned the tide so abruptly that the only uncertainty is how much more of the Ukrainian troops will be able to return, rather than whether Russia will be able to achieve its goals," expert Rob Lee of the Foreign policy research institute in Philadelphia told.

The article also reports that even if the Russian Federation had a "second world army", it is now destroyed and moved to lower positions. Ukraine has the best military training, strategy, and equipment.

Interesting observation: after uncontrolled Russian aggression on the peaceful population, the Ukrainians help the Ukrainian army financially and resource even more.

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