Visa-Free Regime Between Ukraine and Canada

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, March 31, 2022
Visa-Free Regime Between Ukraine and Canada

On March 30, the federal parliament of Canada almost unanimously voted to abolish the visa regime between the 2 states

"We call on the government of Canada to introduce a visa-free travel regime from Ukraine to Canada, including the rapid issuance of electronic travel permits," the parliamentary report said.

In addition to establishing a visa-free regime, the friendly state's parliamentarians favour hiring more staff to receive emigrants to reduce delays in the reception of those seeking temporary shelter due to the war in Ukraine.

Members of parliament unequivocally condemned Russia's actions against Ukraine and called for "support for Ukrainians and other people affected by the conflict."

"We condemn the unprovoked attack on Ukraine, ordered by Russian president Vladimir Putin, in clear violation of international law," government officials said.

It should be noted that the visa regime's decision is within the government's competence. Still, legislators can express political support and ask the executive to consider a particular issue.

Today there is a simplified visa regime between Ukraine and Canada, under which a Ukrainian gets the right to cross the Canadian border directly at the country's airport.

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