Vitalii Klichko at the Stern Stuart Institute Summit in Germany

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, September 18, 2023
Vitalii Klichko at the Stern Stuart Institute Summit in Germany

Results of the visit of the Kyiv mayor to Germany

Germany hosted a summit of influential politicians and businessmen on behalf of the Stern Stuart Institute. This meeting is considered one of the most authoritative for shaping political views and is a partner of the Munich Security Conference. This year, the major of the Ukrainian capital, Klichko, participated in the summit. Results. Firstly, Klichko agreed with the German company Quantum Systems to transfer 100 tactical drones to Kyiv. These will be new-generation drones, which Ukrainian defenders have already tested. Klichko says that all UAVs will be transferred to the front.

Secondly, Klichko spoke about the needs of Ukraine in the war and after it. Politicians worldwide paid attention to Marshall Plan II: How to quickly begin the reconstruction of Ukraine. To defeat the Russian aggressor and rebuild destroyed cities, Ukraine needs to build up all types of assistance and receive new agreements and support. In addition, the summit once again discussed the necessary reforms for Ukrainka's membership in the EU. Recall that the Ukrainian authorities should carry out judicial reform, the fight against corruption, the change of public administration and local self-government.

In addition, Klichko met with German defence minister Boris Pistorius, the prime minister of Sweden Ulf Kristersson and Ursula von der Leyen.

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