“Vladimir Putin Senses a Conspiracy Everywhere”

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, May 23, 2022
“Vladimir Putin Senses a Conspiracy Everywhere”

On May 21, the ex-ambassador of Germany to Russia gave an interview about Putin and his war against Ukraine and the world

Rüdiger von Fritsch was the German ambassador from 20194 until 2019. That was the last time he spoke to Putin. A few days ago, in an interview with Tagesspiegel, Rüdiger von Fritsch told his vision from the position of a person who is personally acquainted with the dictator. According to him, Putin's goal is not only a food crisis, as we thought earlier, but also a migration one.

"Putin's calculation is that after the disruption of grain supplies, starving people will flee these regions and try to get to Europe – like millions of Syrians who fled the horrors of war," Rüdiger von Fritsch for Tagesspiegel.

This will allow him to undermine the stability of Europe and make it more vulnerable to Russia.

"This is his new hybrid war," Ruediger summed up.

We remind you that the Russians do not stop stealing and exporting Ukrainian grain to Russia, which was intended for import. More than 20 tons of grain remain blocked by the Russians in the Ukrainian ports of the Black sea.

The food blockade has already been felt by millions of families, on whose tables there is no longer Ukrainian butter, bread, etc.

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