Volunteer Otters Hazel and Pushan Raise Money for Ukraine

The Ukrainian Leo and his pets — otters Hazel and Pushan, launched a charity project to help the Ukrainian army and refugees from Ukraine  
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"My name is Leo. I am Ukrainian by origin, but I have never lived in Ukraine. For more than 20 years, I have been participating in various activities of the Ukrainian diaspora: now in the USA, now in Bali. In 2013, I flew to Maidan, where I was with the "Right Sector". Then he helped the "Volunteer Ukrainian Corps" in the East."

"Now the otters and I have begun to cooperate with the most powerful American-Ukrainian fund, "Revived Soldiers Ukraine". Stars such as Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, and the "Okean Elzy" band also collaborate with them.

Otters are ambassadors for this foundation, just like Hollywood stars. They are "volunteer otters" from the diaspora. I wasn't as active in the otter account before the full-blown invasion. Sometimes he shot exciting videos, but he began to blog when the war started actively."

"I am a marketer, I have a good American education. I realized that I can do fundraising, and otters could be useful to Ukraine. I began to systematically make slightly better content and attract otter subscribers to our joint activities. We helped the guys from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who are now at the forefront. Part of the money to help Ukraine was given personally by me, my brother, and my friends. This is about $35.000, for which we bought drones, uniforms, thermal imagers, etc. And the money that donors give to otters, I do not spend through myself. I give a link to the "Revived Soldiers Ukraine" fund."

"In the early days, we spent thousands of dollars. They helped a lot of people who were travelling from the Kyiv region, from the occupied territories. Transferred money for food, clothes, fuel. Then the subscribers began to write, "You are from Ukraine, let's drop money somewhere, we will help." Then people from the USA wrote: "We have collected a lot of clothes as a community", and signed on the sheet "This is for Hazel and Pushan." It's nice that our activities and encouraging people are bearing fruit."

"We are planning an ambitious NFT project about otters"

"We have gathered a good team: Ukrainian and American designers, bloggers, marketers. We want to raise a significant amount for charity. It will be to help victims of Russian aggression — civilians who have lost everything. We planned to release NFTs under the G20, but the situation on the crypto market is unclear now, so we are waiting for crypto assets to go up."

"The idea of ​​"vidrotherapy" arose by chance when Ukrainians who had been evacuated began to come to Bali. A lot of people came under stress. On Instagram, I invited Ukrainians to come to the villa and play with otters. We welcome all guests. I am glad to see all the loving otters at home, except for the citizens of the Russian Federation. In this, I am categorical. I don't let Russians into the otter. With the outbreak of a full-scale war, I asked the Russians to unsubscribe from otters. Several people unfollowed."

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