War in Ukraine. Day 296  

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, December 16, 2022
War in Ukraine. Day 296   

The more Russian soldiers in Ukraine — the less Russian soldiers in Ukraine

From the very morning, the Russians congratulated the Ukrainians on the beginning of the 296th day of the war, sending more than 60 missiles against the capital. Thanks to the existing air defence, only 3 missiles broke into the city. Emergency blackouts have been introduced.

Kherson. As a result of Russian shelling, an 8-year-old boy and a 32-year-old paramedic from the international volunteer legion were killed. Energy infrastructure facilities and a humanitarian centre were damaged.

Zhytomyr region. A missile hit on a residential building in the suburbs. There are no dead.

Dnipro region. A missile hit on residential buildings. There are dead, the exact number is not specified. 8 people, including 3 kids, were injured in Krivyy Rih

Zaporizhzhia region. 12 missiles flew at the city, and some of them broke through the air defence. Damaged heating facilities.

Kharkiv region. Of the 10 Russian missiles, 3 hit the energy infrastructure facilities. According to the mayor of the city — the losses are colossal.

And now about the losses of the Russian army on Ukrainian land:

  • Personnel — 97270 (+680);
  • Tanks — 2980 (+5);
  • APV — 5952 (+6);
  • Artillery systems — 1946 (+3);
  • MLRS — 410 (+4);
  • Anti-aircraft warfare systems — 211;
  • Aircraft — 281;
  • Helicopters — 264;
  • UAV operational-tactical level — 1648 (+4);
  • Cruise missiles — 592;
  • Warships/boats — 16;
  • Vehicles and fuel tanks — 4563;
  • Special equipment — 172.

On December 15, commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian army Valerii Zaluzhnyi held telephone conversations with general Mark Milli. The parties discussed the continued support of the United States regarding Ukraine. Zaluzhnyi called the main conclusion regarding the Russian war: "With such an enemy it is not only necessary but also quite possible to fight to the very end."

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