Warm Aid to Ukraine From Partners

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, December 21, 2022
Warm Aid to Ukraine From Partners

USA, UK and Israel donated generators, power equipment and warm uniforms/tents for soldiers of Ukraine

Every day more and more equipment arrives in Ukraine to restore the damaged energy structure of Ukraine. It became known about a new batch of necessary equipment from 3 states at once: the USA, Great Britain and Israel.

The US's Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories sends equipment to Ukraine to control energy hubs, specifically at the request of Ukrenergo. Specifically, 105 units of equipment will manage technological processes, analyze critical parameters of the power system, and identify and notify about problems at substations. According to Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, more than $100.000 worth of equipment will ensure energy stability in Ukraine.

The UK has prepared another 900 power generators. Today, this equipment is critically important because hospitals and Starlinks work thanks to it. Previously, the state has already transferred to Ukraine 900 generators, 15.000 sets of winter uniforms/warm tents/sleeping bags for soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The UK plans to send another 10.000 sets of warm clothes for soldiers to Ukraine.

Israel handed over 17 power generators for the Kherson region. The plans are to send 21 more generators and 24 transformers from other partners of Ukraine and Israel to the region.

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