Water Logistics in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, January 10, 2022
Water Logistics in Ukraine

Maritime and river logistics reality and prospects in Ukraine

All forms of investing-in-ukraine/service-for-investors/logistics-providers/" rel="dofollow">logistic transport are active in Ukraine. Freight traffic executes by air, water, and motorways. As Ukraine has access to two seas, Azov and Black, cargo transportation through waterways take a leading place because of great potential for its development. Today it is well developed in both passenger and freight areas.

Of course, Ukraine’s most significant advantage in shipping logistics remains its natural perspective. The length of navigable rivers in the country is 4.400 km. The largest Ukrainian river, which passes through the entire central part of the country, Dnipro, has a length of slightly less than 1.2 km. In addition to the Dnipro river, the Danube, and the Southern Bug. All of them are connected to the Black sea. Therefore, access to the sea for Ukrainian vessels is a way that does not require artificial flows and structures. We note that the Dnipro and the Danube are still among the five most significant rivers in Europe. In addition, there are 10 ports and a dozen terminals along the Dnipro river alone.

All of these measures make it possible for about 70 million tons per year to reach a destination. By comparing fuel modes of transport, ships are able to transport almost 2.5 times more cargo than cars. Rail transport is also inferior to river transport. Rivers and seas can transport 30% more freight than freight trains. In both cases, the fuel consumption is the same.

In addition, for example, 520 km will have to be traveled from the Dnipro port to the Black sea in Odesa, which is slightly more than freight by road (466 km). At the same time, river transport does not overcome traffic congestion, does not need to use bypass roads, etc.

The Ukrainian river fleet wins in several other cases (cargo safety, transport service, cost of transporting one container). Water logistics is inferior only in the time of delivery.

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