Welcome From Georgia, Russian Deserters

Citizens of the aggressor country that started the war against Ukraine are fleeing their war to another country in which they also staged a war
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On September 21, Putin announced a "partial mobilization" of citizens, and during this time, more than 260.000 men left Russia.

Russian citizens who do not want to physically part in the war, which they supported in words, are fleeing to Kazakhstan, Finland, and Georgia. What an irony, because 14 years ago, Russia attacked Georgia and annexed its territories.

Georgians are not happy about the influx of Russians: they call them deserters, meet them at the border with posters, turn on the Ukrainian anthem and tell the Russians to return to Russia.

The inscription on the posters:

"Dictators do what most people want. And brainwashing is the result of inaction by Russians themselves."

"According to polls, most of you support the war. Then why are you running away from it?"

The inscription on the poster — "Putin is d*ck"

No, it's not a duck.

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