What is More Profitable: YouTube Channel or IT Projects

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, December 31, 2021
What is More Profitable: YouTube Channel or IT Projects

How can an IT specialist get more from using YouTube resources than from stable orders

To have an active client base and not being unemployed for several months is achievable for progressive Ukrainian IT specialists. These are people who have entered the digital race and can compete with foreign experts. But today, in addition to website creation, programming, and application development, there is another source of income for innovative technology professionals.

YouTube is not news for Ukrainian businesses. However, not all specialists use this site. Businessmen have only been on YouTube channels for a few years, but social media bloggers are active in filming their lives. But while entertainment content dominates YouTube, IT specialists can earn money there.

The first way is the most known and straightforward - setting up advertising. Demand for this service does not decrease. And to make money from specialists, it is possible to configure:

  • In-Stream ads that are shown before the selected video starts;
  • Video Discovery ads appear on the search results page;
  • The announcement is at the center of the video.

The second way is to help to promote the channel. IT specialists often know the operating algorithms of certain resources. They interact with copywriters, CEO specialists, and writers. The quality content created by the team helps clients make a profit and attract viewers. In such cases, the IT specialist demands and can find a regular client.

The third way is to create your channel. Today this way for Ukrainian IT specialists is the most profitable. The channel can tell about work cases, technology news. But the biggest profits will come from closed-circuit broadcasts and video recordings related to studying. This could be an on-site workshop development or the creation of landing pages. On YouTube, an IT expert can get cash by selling the information taught in special schools.

Of course, for the YouTube project to become more profitable and successful than the usual IT orders, it is necessary to take the task seriously at hand and be ready to share the exciting experience with others.

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