Wheat and Coffee — Grains of Friendship

by Roman Cheplyk
Saturday, March 18, 2023
Wheat and Coffee — Grains of Friendship

Ukrainian and Kenyan artists created in Nairobi created a network of murals dedicated to the friendship of the two states

On March 16, in Nairobi, Kenya, the opening of 3 murals Grains of culture took place, where each image is dedicated to the cooperation between Ukraine and Kenya. The triptych got its witty name thanks to one of the murals, which depicts wheat — the symbol of Ukraine, and coffee — the symbol of Kenya. Another mural depicts Ukrainian storks over the African continent.
The triptych was created and realized by artists from Ukraine and Kenya: Moha, Eliamin Ink, Alina Konik, Andriy Kovtun and Nikita Kravtsov.

The project was implemented as part of the Ukrainian The wall project. It is known that this year Ukraine began to pay special attention to the establishment and strengthening of diplomatic relations with African countries. Therefore, as part of the project, triptychs about cultural friendship with different nations will be created in 5 more states.

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