White House Meets with Defense Industry Leaders on Weapon Production for Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, January 9, 2024
White House Meets with Defense Industry Leaders on Weapon Production for Ukraine

On January 8, White House officials convened with representatives from technology and defense companies to strategize on weapon production for Ukraine. This gathering was aimed at addressing key technological challenges faced by Ukraine in its ongoing conflict.

The meeting, organized by Jake Sullivan, Chairman of the National Security Council, focused on systems like unmanned aerial vehicles, countermeasures, and demining solutions. Participating firms included Fortem Aerospace, Palantir Technologies Inc, Anduril Industries Inc, and Skydio, among others.

Administration officials emphasized the crucial need for Congress to approve an additional aid package of over $100 billion, including about $50 billion for Ukraine's security, to continue meaningful support.

The meeting also provided a platform to explore new opportunities in the defense sector, with a hope that the government can facilitate the introduction of these innovations in Ukraine.

In early January 2024, the White House announced a lack of funds for new aid packages for Ukraine, with the last funded package being $250 million. President Joe Biden, responding to Russia's massive shelling on December 29, underscored the urgency of additional aid for Kyiv.

On December 22, Biden signed the National Defense Act (NDAA) for the fiscal year 2024, allocating $886 billion for US defense and $300 million for Ukraine. This funding, however, is significantly less than the $61 billion requested by Biden to assist Ukraine against the Russian invasion. The approval of this aid has been hindered by political disagreements, particularly regarding immigration laws.

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